Brand story

In the language of love, “kin” means family. At Furkin’Fresh, we believe that every pet is more than just a companion; they are family, deserving only the best care and attention.

Our story begins with a passionate pet owner, fueled by her love for her Chihuahua. Faced with the challenges of finding premium products tailored to the unique needs of her extra small furry friend, she began curating a collection of special products designed specifically for small breeds. Seeing her Chihuahua thrived on these products, she hopes to share her discoveries with other pet owners too. And so, Furkin’Fresh was born. At Furkin'Fresh, we go beyond the ordinary. Our range of pet care essentials, toys, and accessories is passionately crafted to bring joy, comfort, and love to every furkin. Furkin’Fresh is the exclusive distributor of KOJIMA and MINDUP products in Singapore.

  • Headquartered in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan, MIND UP specialises in oral care for dogs, cats and humans. MIND UP maintains a dedicated focus on promoting oral care, encouraging pet owners to understand its vital role in their pets' overall well-being, and the importance of maintaining strong teeth for pets as they age gracefully.

  • Developed by senior veterinarians in Japan, KOJIMA pet products are designed to address the unique needs of our beloved pets. Emphasising a belief in prevention over cure, KOJIMA recognises that maintaining proper pet care, including grooming and hygiene, is crucial for the well-being of our fur babies. Each KOJIMA grooming and hygiene product is meticulously crafted with care and love, catering to the daily requirements of thorough pet cleaning.